Pictures in a landscape: exploring the valley for yourself

Thomas Bredenfeld (Vienna; independent digital artist, painter, photographer and Lecturer at the University Institute of Media Production, St Pölten)

Panorama photographs of the Pitoti in their original locations in Valcamonica show that this is art with a view. This is the beginning of landscape art. Most importantly this exhibit allows the visitor to linger and explore the interaction between the drawings close-up and the huge vistas that they look out upon.

This contrast of micro and macro vision is a particular feature of the rock art of the Camuni, that traditional photography is unable to give a museum audience. Hyper links in the panoramas also allow the user to travel from site to site across the valley just as easily as if they were crossing the floor of a conventional art gallery. One click further a close up flashes up the individual Pitoti along with its age and interpretation.