The • P • I • T • O • T • I • vision

 • P • I • T • O • T • I • is an innovative research project to apply insights from the new technologies of computer graphics to prehistoric pictures, specifically the incisioni of Valcamonica.

As a project uniting archaeologists with computer-graphic analysts and artists,
• P • I • T • O • T • I •  is a joint venture between the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, the research institute which for nearly fifty years has recorded and studied the Valcamonica figures, the archaeology section of Cambridge University in England, and the University of St Pölten, the technical university in Austria. This core team works also with expert colleagues elsewhere, notably the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany, celebrated for a century for its innovations in contemporary design.

Forget Apple, forget IBM, forget Olivetti. No computer, no matter how large has a memory as great as the rocks of Valcamonica. In the history of image preservation the pitoti are special. Over 5000 years this natural data-base made in the sandstone has preserved messages from prehistory; no rain, snow, ice, sun or wind has been able to delete them!   more...



Dr. Christopher Chippindale, BA Ph.D MIFA FSA,

curator for half the archaeology collection and Reader (research professor), leads the Cambridge members of the team. He is an expert of world reputation on rock-art and has worked for many years also in Aboriginal Australia, and on varied archaeological subjects ranging from Stonehenge to the illicit trade in antiquities.




Dr. Frederick Baker, BA (Hons.) MPhil. Ph.D,

is Research Director at the Institute of Media Production at the University of Applied Sciences, St Pölten, Austria. He has both a Cambridge Ph.D in Public Archaeology and is a filmmaker and media artist. Baker's films have won international awards in Europe and the US and his credits include the "Shadowing the Third Man" that was selected for the Cannes film festival in 2005. His ambient cinema version of Homer's Odyssey was premiered at the Seville Art Biennale in 2008.